Mònica Lavall (Barcelona 1974)

She studied architecture at the Barcelona Technical School of Architecture (ETSAB) where she graduated in February 2000.
During her university years and once the studies were completed, she collaborated in different architectural offices.
In 2004 she moved to Palafrugell and created the Mònica Lavall architecture studio.

As an architect, my passion is based on capturing the essence of what a home really means, a space to live in, to be in. I believe in an architecture that communicates, that breathes together with its inhabitants and adapts fluidly to their lives, creating environments that not only satisfy needs but also inspire and comfort.

The interiors are the heart of a home, the stage where the lives of its inhabitants unfold. My specialization in the creation of interior spaces seeks to establish a constant dialogue between the user and his environment. Through the meticulous selection of materials, the intelligent management of light and the optimization of thermal comfort, I design with the aim of maximizing well-being. Every element, from the fluidity of the space to the texture of the surfaces, is designed to enrich the daily experiences of its users.

At the heart of my architectural practice, there is a deeply rooted conviction: the space we inhabit must reflect who we are. Working side by side, we can create not only a home, but a place of belonging, a stage for everyday life. My mission is to transform the client’s vision into a vibrant space that speaks the language of their personality, a place where every corner, every light, every texture welcomes them home.


Architecture team


Anna Àvila Margarit
Lluís Ferrer March
Pau Ristol Roura
Guillem Mañé Rovira
Anna Sabrià Benito
Reverendo – Ginesta arquitectes
Roser Mas Monràs
Maria del Mar Casado Pérez
Miriam Curto Mañosa

Building engineer

Montserrat Rosell López
Jaume Noguer Gómez
Josep Rodríguez Gómez
Jordi Cuadrado Cobo
Marta Pagans Garriga
Xavier Jaime Novo
Jordi Hernandez Andújar
Robert Gelabert Ferrarós
Sònia Vergés Roig
Xavier Reina – Arqtec, SLP
Raúl Muñoz Pacheco

Engineering and Landscaping

Artec Enginyeria, SLP
Bertran Enginyeria, SLP
Medis Enginyeria Ambiental i Agroindustrial, SLP
Carlo Argano Odriozola.
Linx Enginyeria Industrial i Telecomunicacions SLP
Marc Pujol Clopés


Alba Bonada Vila
Anna Manyà Gilabert
Georgina Virgili Pascual
Static Enginyeria, SA
Estudi m103, SLP

Architecture students

Albert Lavall Domingo
Núria Garrido Guisado
Jordi Guixeras Lopez
Gerard Viader Muntaner
Marta Botet Pedregosa
Hamza Ahmittach Mourou


Mireia Lavall Domingo
Esmeralda Sánchez Muñoz
Pere Andreu Camps
Jorge López Verdugo